Quidex provides your team with several unique benefits that go far beyond any other product in the marketplace. Within seconds, Quidex enables you to:

  • Enhance your draft preparation by performing pre-draft scenarios.
  • Have a draft day edge by performing real-time predictability studies during the draft itself.
  • Be proactive in trades by determining hundreds of multiple player trade opportunities involving single or multiple trade partners (based on your criteria).
  • Increase your chances for successful trades by determining the success criteria (based on your criteria) and payroll, or salary cap impact of each of those trades.
  • Increase your chances for success in the free agent market by determining the success criteria (based on your criteria) and payroll, or salary cap impact of potential free agent acquisitions.
  • Beat your opponents with knowledge by knowing in advance the payroll, or salary cap impact of your roster moves, and those of your competitors.
  • Always be prepared by being able to produce optimal and prioritized rosters based on your criteria, and to answer those perpetual ‘what if’ and ‘what now’ questions.

In addition, Quidex:

  • Turns data into usable information by increasing significantly your information analysis and decision-making capability.
  • Saves you money by centralizing and integrating your data with your decision-making processes.
  • Increases your confidence by providing you with decision-support documentation that you can share with all stakeholders.
  • Gives you the information the way you want it with customized output.
  • Is operated by a user-friendly web style GUI (graphical user interface) that has a minimal learning curve.
  • Gives you more control by increasing your staff expense flexibility.
  • Protects you against the loss of intellectual capital in the event of staff changes because the OPS software is the repository for their quantitative knowledge.